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Play Areas

Play” is an all embracing word which includes providing facilities for the enjoyment of users from toddlers to adults.

The Council provides fixed play areas for children up to the age of 12 years old and some sites cater for older children and young people.  The fixed play areas are split between those that cater for children under 6 years of age and those that cater for older children as well.  Signage has been installed around all the play areas in the town that the Council is responsible for.

Additional facilities offered by the Council (in its custodial capacity) includes outdoor fitness equipment and a multi-use games areas (MUGA) and skate park.

Many of the fixed play area sites are accessible for users who may have a disability.

Court Road Play Area

Court Road – For children under 6 years of age



Beauchamp Meadow Play Area

Beauchamp Meadow  – For children under 6 years of age



Fallers Field Play Area

Fallers Field – For children under 6 years of age



The Mense Play Area

The Mesne, Primrose Hill – For children under 6/Open play facilities



Bathurst Park

Bathurst Park – For Children Under 6/plus Sports Field & Outdoor Gym Equipment



Lydney Recreational Ground

Lydney Recreational Ground – Sports, Recreational and Tennis Pitches, MUGA & Skate Park



The Town Council are responsible for the routine inspection and maintenance of these areas. Please report any maintenance issues to the Town Council.


Allotments – so much for so little

Benefits from an allotment

  • Save Money! – Reduce your food bills year after year
  • Fresh food you can trust – Grow organically or not!
  • Improve your health with fresh air and gentle exercise
  • Various Sizes – from small to large
  • Grow flowers and herbs – Brighten your home, or create a nature ‘wild’ area. Please Note: Lydney Town Council allotments can only be let to the residents of Lydney Parish.

Our Allotment Site – South Road Lydney

South Road Allotment SiteSouth Road Allotment Site







South Road Allotment Site Map (97.1 KiB)

Allotment Application Form (195.9 KiB)

View The Town Council Allotment Policy/Draft Tenancy Agreement

For more information on allotments, including prices and availability please call 01594 842234 or email

Burial Authority/Maintenance of ‘Closed’ Churchyard

As Burial Authority for the area, the Town Council owns, manages and maintains Lydney Cemetery. It is also responsible for the upkeep of St Mary’s Closed churchyard; both sites are located in Church Road, Lydney.

Members of the public can visit the Cemetery seven days per week, 365 days a year.   Please be advised that during adverse weather conditions the decision to close the Cemetery may be taken for the safety of Visitors and Staff, no prior notice will be given.

View Cemetery Fees and Charges

Lydney Cemetery

Lydney Cemetery Picture 1  Lydney Cemetery Picture 2  Lydney Cemetery Picture 3


St Mary’s Closed Churchyard

St Mary's Closed Churchyard Picture 1  St Mary's Closed Churchyard Picture 2  St Mary's Closed Churchyard Picture 3

Winter Maintenance Agreement

During times of adverse weather the Council works in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council to ensure that designated salt bins in the Town are replenished and that certain pedestrian areas are gritted.  However, out of normal office hours this responsibility reverts to Gloucestershire County Council. The file below details the areas which will be gritted by the Council during normal office hours.

Footway Gritting Map (202.9 KiB)

Allotment Application Form
Allotment Application Form
Allotment Application Form.pdf
195.9 KiB
South Road Allotment Site Map
South Road Allotment Site Map
South Road Allotment site map.pdf
97.1 KiB