Value for Money

It is essential that as a council we provide value for money.  This means ensuring that public money is spent efficiently to provide an effective service.  Our aim therefore is to get more council activity for the least possible expense without compromising quality.

Lydney Town Council regularly assess ‘value for money’, and questions whether it is really necessary to spend the money or whether it can find a way of addressing a service more efficiently.   As part of our commitment to continued improvement we consult other councils and engage with other service users and the wider community to find out what they think and will join with other councils to deliver a more economic service to the community as and where appropriate.

The Council’s Financial Regulations and a number of statutes and procedures provide the Council  with the tools it needs to achieve its goals, protect community assets and make best use of public money.

 Efficiency and Value for Money

Lydney Town Council recognises the importance of using its resources in an efficient way and one that is shown to give Value for Money. Our Efficiency & Value for Money Policy shows how we seek to operate in an efficient way.


Lydney Town Council has started work on compiling its budget for 2019-20.

The average household (i.e. Band D) currently contributes £3.65 per week (through the Precept portion of Council Tax) towards the funding of all the projects, functions and services that Lydney Town Council provides for the community, a small sum indeed when you actually stop to consider the amenities Lydney offers i.e.   Bathurst Park, The Recreation Ground, Lydney Lake, a Closed Churchyard and Cemetery, Allotments and five play areas!

We are however keen to hear your thoughts on whether you believe this sum to be reasonable as this will assist us in setting a robust budget for the community of Lydney for 2019-20.

Furthermore, we would like to invite any resident of Lydney who would like to discuss the Council’s financials to ring and make an appointment with the Responsible Financial Officer/Finance Committee Chairman. Tel: 01594 842234.

Lydney Town Council’s Financial Documentation

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Budget and Band D Calc for 2018/2019 and Budget Comparisons (1.7 MiB)

Spending Plan 2018-19 (358.4 KiB)

Approved Bank Signatories 2018/19 (129.6 KiB)

Lydney Town Council’s Asset Register (432.0 KiB)

Insurance Policies – Overview (65.2 KiB)

 Monthly Financial Payment Schedules

April 2018 (356.3 KiB)

May 2018 (505.4 KiB)

June 2018 (618.4 KiB)

July 2018 (442.4 KiB)


Annual Accounts: