Policies and Procedures

As a Town Council we obtain, create and manage a large amount of information relating to our services, customers and partners which require the Council to consider, adopt and follow set policies.

We are committed to both the concepts of transparency and open government but recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers and employees. We intend to achieve this by ensuring that we have clear and understandable rules about the information we collect, hold and share.

Our aim is to ensure that we have the right information to allow us to improve and continue to improve customer service and by managing that information effectively and efficiently, to provide the best value services for customer.


The Council’s main governance document is our Standing Orders. These set out the main rules and processes that govern how we work and how we make decisions:
Standing Orders – Approved May 2021

Sitting alongside our Standing Orders are our Financial Regulations. These set out further detail about a range of financial processes at the Council including how we procure goods and services, budgets and reporting:
Financial Regulations Approved May 2021

The Council has a number of Committees namely; Planning & Highway, Finance & Scrutiny; Amenities and Burial. The Remit of Committees document shows their specific areas of responsibility:
Remit for Committees – May 2021

Each year the Council adopt a Members Code of Conduct based on the code published by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC):
Lydney Town Council Code of Conduct – adopted May 2019

Understanding ones role within the Council is important, the following document sets Member/Officer Protocol:
Member – Officer Relations

The Council has a complaints policy, and a policy for dealing with abusive, unreasonable or vexatious complaints:
Complaints Procedure 2019

The Council’s Freedom of Information Policy may be viewed here:
FOI Policy 2019

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